Slider Revolution Free Download v6.6.20 ( February 2, 2024)

Slider Revolution Free Download: In this article, we have added Slider Revolution Free Download option for WordPress developers. The shared file is not Slider Revolution nulled or cracked; it is a 100% genuine GPL file with a GNU license. Let’s understand what the Slider Revolution plugin is. Slider Revolution is one of WordPress’s most popular slider plugins, with over 375,000+ sales on the Envato marketplace. With the Slider Revolution plugin, you can create the most advanced image sliders and carousels, social media feeds, Hero Headers, Content Modules, and many others. Slider Revolution plugin includes a mighty visual editor with many modern features and options required to create a beautiful slider for a website. Slider Revolution is highly responsive with auto-layout options. Sliders build using this plugin will automatically adjust their sizes according to screen width. The visual editor of this plugin is very user-friendly and eye-friendly with dark mode support. Building a slider using this plugin is effortless, and even a newcomer can do this in a few minutes.

File Name Slider Revolution
File Type GPL (GNU LIcense)
File Version v6.6.20
Pre-Activated Yes
Slider Revolution Free Download
Slider Revolution Free Download

The Slider Revolution plugin also has an extensive collection of pre-made templates with all media assets, including images, vectors, and icons. It takes one click to import and use those templates in your project. Slider Revolution plugin templates are categorized as slider, carousel, hero, special FX, Social Media, etc. You can also extend the functionality of the Slider Revolution plugin by installing professionally designed add-ons. It supports 30 premium add-ons to add different transitions and effects to the sliders, like before & after, paintbrush, distortion, etc. This plugin is coded very carefully by keeping the performance in mind. That means It doesn’t affect the website loading speed. Overall, Slider Revolution is a feature-rich and responsive slider plugin for WordPress.

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Best Features of Slider Revolution Plugin – Responsive WordPress Plugin by themepunch

Slider Revolution Plugin is a fantastic solution for creating visually appealing and dynamic sliders, carousels, and other media presentations for your website. This overview will go through the outstanding features that make Slider Revolution an excellent choice for both beginners and pros.

The intuitive drag-and-drop editor allows you to effortlessly create and adjust your sliders, giving you complete control over the style and layout.

  • Options for responsive sliders: The plugin guarantees that your sliders are responsive and optimized for all screen sizes, including mobile devices, to provide a consistent user experience.
  • There is no need for coding knowledge: You don’t need any coding abilities to create gorgeous sliders using Slider Revolution. Anyone can get started quickly thanks to the user-friendly design and features.
  • 200+ pre-made templates that are ready to use: To get started, you can choose from a large library of professionally designed templates.
  • Create engaging hero headers for your web pages, highlighting your content or promoting special promotions, with the single-scene Hero Headers builder.
  • 27 Addon support: Use the available add-ons to enhance your sliders with extra features such as particles, distortion, and more.
  • Video Sliders: To create compelling video sliders, embed videos from popular platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, as well as self-hosted films.
  • Dark user interface: Using the dark mode UI reduces eye strain during long work hours, increasing the overall user experience.
  • Slider Revolution is tuned for speed, resulting in faster loading times and improved performance.
  • Cross-browser compatibility: The plugin is compatible with all modern browsers, guaranteeing that your sliders look and work properly across all platforms.
  • Customize and manage every aspect of your slider animations, including timing, easing, and more.
  • Preset animations: Select from a variety of pre-made animations to quickly and easily enhance your sliders.
  • Prebuilt layer groups: Use pre-built layer groups to rapidly and efficiently develop complicated designs.
  • Object library with about 2500 elements: To enhance your sliders, you may choose from a large library of fonts, icons, photos, movies, and other media.
  • Add spectacular effects like parallax, blur, and others to make your sliders stand out.
  • Slider Revolution’s numerous functionality and customization options provide limitless possibilities for your slider creations.
  • Parallax background: Use parallax background effects to create a sense of depth and immersion.
  • Control the duration of each slide, allowing you to control the pace of your presentation.
  • Customize the transition effects between slides by selecting from a variety of alternatives to suit your design.
  • All sorts of media assistance: To develop unique and intriguing sliders, use a variety of media types such as images, videos, and text.
  • Before & After slider: The Before & After slider is ideal for presenting transformations or comparisons between two photos.
  • Post a featured slider to visually and interactively highlight your most recent blog entries or news stories.
  • The typewriter effect, an innovative approach to show text in your sliders, adds a sense of vintage.

Slider Revolution is a feature-rich plugin that allows users to effortlessly construct visually appealing and interactive sliders. Its numerous customization possibilities, user-friendly interface, and powerful features make it an indispensable tool for web designers and developers.

Slider Revolution Plugin Pricing – Best Selling Slider Plugin for WordPress

To get information about the pricing of Slider Revolution plugin, you should visit their official website. Over here, you will find the price details available along with the different plans that will meet the needs of your website or project. In general, Slider Revolution has a subscription-based model with different plans that you can choose from. You can even find premium options and additional services that can be extremely useful to you. To get the pricing related details, you should directly check by visiting their official website.

Slider Revolution Plugin Live Demo:

Slider Revolution Plugin Changelog (What’s New in Slider Revolution v6.6.20)

  • Added a “wrapper observer” option to execute a module redraw in case the wrapper dimension has changed.
  •  Fixed: Carousel layers sometimes animate again after changing slides.
  •  Fixed Bubble Morph dimension issues in the carousel.
  •  Bug Fixed: The steam preview shows wrong error information.
  •  Fixed an issue with toggle media and mute in groups.
  •  We have updated and extended error messages if the stream is not available. The preview will be auto-closed.
  •  Bugfix: Changing animation attributes on the “Anim From” keyframe does not visually update changes.
  •  Fixed: Dragging layers in the animation view doesn’t change the values of the selected (Set as Editor View) frame.
  •  Added protection against loop animation on layers where curviness was allowed and no values were set on x,y, which may have produced console errors.
  •  Some other minor changes and bug fixes.

Slider Revolution Plugin Installation Guide

In this post, we will give you step by step guide on how to install the Slider Revolution plugin on the WordPress website. We have prepared a useful video showing step-by-step the process of installing the Slider Revolution plugin. In this video, we walk through each step-by-step important element of installation so that you can easily understand how to successfully install the Slider Revolution plugin on your WordPress website. Through this video, you can easily install the Slider Revolution plugin on your website by following these steps.
Slider Revolution Plugin Installation Guide

Slider Revolution Free Download

Now you reached the right place, we have added Slider Revolution Free Download links here. Use these links to free download Slider Revolution plugins. The shared file is not a Slider Revolution nulled or cracked. It is 100 genuine Slider Revolution GPL files available under a GNU license. We shared only for educational and testing purposes here, so please don’t misuse these files and opportunities. Copy the links below, open them on the new tab, and download your Revolution Slider Plugin for free. And one more thing, you can use this file on unlimited websites without limitations. We constantly add the latest version of the Slider Revolution plugin file here. If you find any update notification on your WordPress dashboard, please visit here and free download your latest version of the Slider Revolution plugin file and upload it to your plugin section.

Slider Revolution Free Download

FAQs About Slider Revolution Free Download

What is the Slider Revolution plugin for WordPress?

Slider Revolution is a popular WordPress plugin used to create advanced image sliders, carousels, social media feeds, Hero Headers, and Content Modules. It comes with a powerful visual editor, responsive auto-layout options, and an extensive collection of pre-made templates.

Is the Slider Revolution Free Download version genuine and licensed?

Yes, the Slider Revolution Free Download is a 100% genuine GPL file with a GNU license. It is not a nulled or cracked version.

What are some of the key features of the Slider Revolution plugin?

Some key features include a powerful visual editor, responsive design, no coding knowledge required, 200+ pre-made templates, 27 addon support, video sliders, a dark user interface, faster loading times, cross-browser support, and extensive animation options.

How can I extend the functionality of the Slider Revolution plugin?

You can extend the functionality of the Slider Revolution plugin by installing professionally designed add-ons. The plugin supports 30 premium add-ons to add different transitions and effects to the sliders, such as before & after, paintbrush, distortion, etc.

What is the pricing structure for the Slider Revolution plugin?

Slider Revolution offers flexible and competitive pricing options for single, multiple, or unlimited websites, with each tier unlocking additional benefits like premium templates, addons, and dedicated support. They also introduce promotional offers and discounts occasionally.

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